Maximum Property Management Services

  • Maximum Property Management is a full service Management Company offering the following services:


  • Provide for the collection and deposits of Association dues, charges and assessments.
  • Monitor and pursue delinquent accounts and mail monthly notifications for overdue accounts according to the direction or collection policy of the Association.  
  • Maintain records showing receipts and expenditures of the Association.
  • Prepare and process payments of Association’s accounts payable. 
  • Prepare monthly financial reports, which shall include balance sheets, income statements, delinquency reports, etc.
  • Prepare for the Association a proposed annual budget prior to the end of each fiscal year.       
  • On the basis of a professional reserve study, assist the Association in determining estimated short term and long-term reserves.
  • Provide financial and other information to the Association’s accountant or CPA for the timely preparation of tax documents.


  • Obtain competitive bids for contracted services and assist the Association in monitoring contractor performance, contract administration etc.
  • Frequent property visits to perform a visual property inspection of contracted work, the Association grounds and external structures etc.
  • Issue and assign work orders to contractors for routine maintenance and repairs.
  • Meet with contractors, where appropriate, to explain the expectations of the Association in the performance of the contract.
    Be available for all emergencies, on a 24-hour a day, 7 days a week basis.


  • Assist the Board in establishing the Association’s goals, objectives, priorities and expectations.                      
  • Assist the Board in its efforts to comply with its covenants, by-laws, rules and regulations of the Association. 
  • Maintain Association unit owner records including name, address, etc.
  • Coordinate with Association Committees to answer questions, submit requests to Committees, and provide homeowners with results of Committee decisions. 
  • Assist Association in monitoring architectural requests and covenant compliance and issue of enforcement letters.
  • Receive and review all Association mail and perform appropriate actions.
  • Mail authorized payments, violation notices, collection letters, etc.
  • Assist Association with the proper and timely completion of governmental reports and licenses as required.
  • Assist the Association in securing and reviewing insurance as required by the Association’s governing documents.  
  • Assist Association in filing and processing insurance claims.
  • Provide Board Packets to the Association’s Board of Directors. Board packets will include an agenda, previous meeting minutes, financial reports, contractor information and other information.
  • Attend and participate in monthly association and the annual meeting to provide information, answer questions, etc.
  • Serve as a liaison with Association members, realtors, mortgage companies, and title companies when properties are sold or refinanced.
  • Provide a welcome packet to new owners.
  • Respond to homeowner complaints, questions, and requests in a timely and businesslike manner.
  • Provide information to and from the Association’s attorney as may be required.

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